Exceptions For Work Urls Refer to the user manual for instructions on backing up data. Tapping this brings up a small status panel, showing available memory, battery power, backlight, and running programs. Correct a device failure scenario when viewing the QueGPS page for an extended period of time. Please back up all valued data before beginning update.

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One gripe I have with the PPC system is that it is a bit slow on certain apps. Add Stops To Your Route Certain establishments are missing from the points-of-interest database.

Expand search m to 10 miles when searching for Points of Interest along the current road.

Garmin iQue

Design and Construction In an aesthetic sense, the M3 is bland. Correct occurrences where route recalculation could take place after the user had completed driving the route. These satellites sit in a complex series of orbits which guarantee that at least four satellites will be in line-of-sight from any location on Earth, at any time of the day or night.

But just for fooling around and amusing yourself on a budget, you can’t beat these old “tech toys”.


Correct a rare occurrence of memory corruption when doing street searches. The relatively low processor speed does mean that the M3 is somewhat less suited to high-end activities such as video, action games, and other uses that require a lot of bit-sorting.

Garmim For The Ique M3 I looked primarily at Garmin due to their track record in the past and recent offerings. At today’s prices, I would highly recommend the M3.

Garmin iQue M3 Handheld

Storing The Ique M3 Correct route recalculation operation when ‘Prompted’ option is selected via Settings page. Audio Being designed for in-car navigation, the M3 comes with a wonderfully loud internal speaker for shouting directions over the noise of engines, people, or what have you.

Find An Address Otherwise it’s completely fine. Working With Images The top system bar now includes a GPS satellite icon to indicate whether the reciever is on or off, and whether or not it has a lock.

In an aesthetic sense, the M3 is bland. Also, disable the use of detours and turn preview scrolling when using off-road routes. Synchronizing With An Exchange Server S by simply copying them to an SD card and popping it in the m3. They manufacturer has harmin customer service and many additional add-ons to make this unit an extremely versatile GPS to be used in town, on trips, hunting, fishing, cycling, hiking, four wheeling or camping.


Recording A Iuqe Although Garmin advertises 5 to 7 hours of use away from a power supply, real-world experience shows that the battery life will be somewhat less. So what does all this translate into in real terms?

Garmin iQue M3 Review

The screen is not hard to see in daylight, and the voice prompt volume is adequate for overcoming road noise even with the windows open. Keeping A To Do List Tapping this brings up a small agrmin panel, showing available memory, battery power, backlight, and running programs. Purchase cable accessories that allow you to upload or do wnload maps and data from your GPS.

Mount The Ique M3 In this sense, for its primary purpose its battery life is almost irrelevant. Correct a rare lockup when doing a long Point of Interest Food, Hotels