The revised does not sync on green. The picture flickers every once and a while maybe can be fixed? Are there any othersettings for Failsafe booting that might get me to where I can adjustthe monitor settings. How do I fix the problem. Did installation of RL 6 is reboot. Display activates after disc inserted chime sounds.

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Lightware vp Projector garethrees Tested Not Working http: Make sure SOG mpnitor turned on using the on-screen menu it’s under the “function” option in the menu. Reboot is not needed with most distros.

monitor vga or sgva?

Has to unplug the video cable, reboots then replug cable. Then, as the installation writes the environment in textmode, a screen with either 2 or 4 panels is displayed along with alarge white square which is the mouse. You have to shut the monitor off while booting.

Basic install and using kde, windowmaker lm-17664 good, did not do any extensive tests – “out of range” error until linux actually boots. I hope some people be more technical. On boot screen is actuallyenough just digit ‘3’, but that is the only place that knows what do To test GUI alone you can press Alt-F2 to get mivron terminal, login asnormal user, and run startxthat will start GUI without changing runlevel.


You said that Safe mode screen was garbled too, that wouldthe one that you will get with Ctrl-Alt-F1. Black screen, as no connector plugged.

Helpforce eDiscover | Display Problem in SuSE

Still doesn’t work but claims to support SOG. Monitor acts like nothing is connected and goes to sleep.

Keeps losing signal during disk partitioning, otherwise OK use switch on the back to select Sync on Green. Use setcrtmode Midron for best results.

Lm-17764 1 to 11 of 11 Thread: How old is this monitor? But then, it only stands to reason they would have different pins, doesn’t it?

I believe this one should work but until i get linx ps2 could someone please test it. I think it’s an Hitachi found it on some site. RL 5 is GUI mode. Montior light shows no signal.

Micron index of parts for sale. Page 2.

Message remains until PS2 starts outputting video signal less than a minute. I thought they might be physically the same outside at leastbut didn’t know the pins were different. Type your comment into the box below. Amazingly crisp picture plus two video-sources – probably the best choise for PS2 and PC. Hooked it up, PS2 boot screen was strange, but Linux setup screen was fine, works well. Works with every input type and display mode the PS2 is capable of generating including S.


It’s great working all the time. Only tried for installation, it’s perfect, just change to SoG at monitor menu, very simple. Both of those operating systems work just fine withthe hardware described. After 30 seconds, press the input select button and it should work fine from there.

I think it’s the 4i. Doesn’t have sync on green. SoG works when switching between inputs. Samsung was stupid and did not change the model name.